Music Reviews

Artist: CTTRL
Title: 25.11
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Even if during the last year Creative Sources has exponentially augmented the number of its electronic oriented releases it's still a label mostly renowned for its electro-acoustic/improvisative rooster. This cd is exactly located there in the free republic of improvisers: piano guitar, double bass a pair of flutes involved into the creation of nine sketches of extemporary composition. This ensemble from Vienna works in a quite traditional way even thought the ability of the players demonstrates they're really able to work together. Considering the kind of ensemble and the way the play together it also reminded me of Civil War. If you imagine one of those recording where you have an over abundance of silence you're on the wrong lane, they cross the field of improvisation with no hesitation and that without wasting time in notes and extreme loudness, Interesting.

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