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Artist: Solvent (@)
Title: RDJCS5 EP
Format: 12"
Label: Suction (@)
Rated: *****
In my life, I've met many spendthrift fetishists who rival with other compulsive bidders to pursue the knocking-down for many bizarre objects, often with no real value in use and consequently overpaid, just because they belonged to some famous figure. I've nothing to complain about it to be honest, but I wonder how many people waste money just to stock them in a dusty showcase or inside a trunk whenever they change furniture. You should know that there's a considerably huge market for used musical instruments, where you can even buy off-key guitars, cracked organs or nibbled plectrums for a huge amount of money, which can be just redeemed with some certificate of authenticity, bearing witness to its previous famous owner (it's sometimes reccomendable to check fingerprints if the auctioner didn't wipe them out indeed!) ...well, many people are persuaded that a portion of the creative wit can be ideally engraved in the object he used, a sort of hallmark of the genius! Maybe Solvent's friend who spent $1200 for an old Yamaha CS5, owned by Richard David James aka Aphex Twin, being seemingly part of the audio equipment for Selected Ambient Works Vol.II (as it's explicitly mentioned in the linear notes of that great record) could have justified his purchase at VEMIA auction - acronym for Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auctions, a private auction held twice a year where you can buy a lot of instruments, previously played by notorious musicians - after such a deduction, as it's quite difficult to admit it was a good bargain, as some friend of mine bought the same instrument for half a price (or even less) from some obscure repairer's workshop, even if on the occasion of another famous VEMIA auction, some anonymous bidder bought an EMS Synthi from Brian Eno for just £16.000! By the way, this guy had at least the good idea to entrust this glorious machine to a skilled friend, Solvent, who managed to create an EP, he entitled RDJCS5 - RDJ are the initials of Richard D.James -, where he gives a demonstration of his compositional skills in assembling 4 nice electro tracks in spite of the limits of this little synth. Most of them, particularly Radiator and Tassels, remind some pieces of sound artillery on AFX's Analords, while the first one, Curtains, could remove the dust from some musical memories related to the very first tunes by Bochum Welt or even some "lighter" tracks by Lowfish for the "dadaist" insert of an atmospheric programming of the oscillators. If you decide to buy the 12" vynil limited edition, you will also find a bonus track, entitled Sandpaper, which is a sort of drone a lot of djs are going to enjoy. A nice release which could persuade you to lend your dusty music machines to Suction's studios!

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