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Artist: Falko Brocksieper (@)
Title: Alkem Nukem EP
Format: CD EP
Label: False Industries (@)
Distributor: i-tunes
Rated: *****
False Industries' folks are keeping their promise to the listeners about stocking their catalogue to a line of action inspired by the purpose of upkeeping the highest qualitative levels they can reach and this 4th release, signed by Falko Brocksieper, one of the father of the so-called sound of Cologne and founder of Sub Static (together with Mia Grobelny) and Karloff - two important brands in electronic music nowadays - bragging about a plenty of releases for renowned labels such as Resopal, Tongut, Tribstoff, Tuning Spork, Dumb Unit, whose style based on the hybridization of minimal techno with analog sound with an immediate hypnotical hook - I could reccomend to listen to his second album Heavy Day on Sub Static to have an idea of his sound -, which many other notorious producers (Sid Le Rock, Akufen, Gabriel Ananda, Benjamin Fehr, just to name a few) who asked remixes to him, corroborates such a noble purpose. In order to pursue the label's intent, Falko didn't assemble any techno tune, but leant towards some sonic solutions between computational textures and broken ambient paracentesis (the astonishingly cinematic wet catharsis of Westfalia with his powerful ultra-low frequencies and the hypnotical clicking of the beat-blemished Mellica - my favorite track - are great examples of this crossbreed) as well as an experimental approach, where he mixed together in an intriguing way different sonic elements such as in the title-track, Alkem Nukem (it's eloquent the fact Falko choosed the names of two German companies, who build atomic reactors, to give a name to this issue), where he inserted dripping bleeps and padded pulses inside the sulphuric cloud evaporating from a sort of processed white noise, and The Boy Who Turned Yellow, where he assembled a sort of orchestra from miniaturized and "muted" sounds including a "dirty" snare drum, some vocal syllabic samples - turned into percussive elements - and woods, a kind of musical cryonics who reminded to me some past tracks by Riou Tomita. This EP also includes two remixes of Westfalia - the former by NY-based Morgan Packard (Anticipate) where the original track sounds desiccated before injected in the chilling micro-dub groove, while in the latter Mark Van Hoen aka Locust (my favorite remix) manages to tighten the strings through a downbeat stepping on highly tense analog sequences - and two remixes of Mellica - a delicious arctic dubbed silent riding by the Canadian brothers Thibideau aka Repair and a sort of weird and nightmarish childplay by Benjamin Fehr and Lenique -.

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