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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Audible Approaches For A Better Place
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: C.Sides
Rated: *****
AUDIBLE APPROACHES FOR A BETTER PLACE is a project headed by the label C.Sides. The first part of this project took place on May 12th when Gold Panda, Brandt Brauer, Frick Ensemble feat. Ketan Bhatti, Casper Clausen and Mads Brauer (of EFTERKLANG) feat. Karim Ghahwagi, Christian Löffler, Eliad Wagner, Glitterbug & Ronni, Shendar feat. Enas Massalha, Jasmina Maschina feat. Liz Albee (trumpet) & Boris Hauf (saxophones), John Kameel Farah and Khan did short performances. Then, the label, asked them and to Brandt Brauer Frick to create new works, all sharing one goal: to make a humble contribution toward making this world a better, more just and beautiful place simply by doing what they can do best, make art and create music! The double CD compilation, which will be released on September 12th, offer ten exclusive long tracks. The first one is by the German electronic producer Glitterbug and Israeli-Palestinian Arabic soprano opera singer Enas Massalha. "The Sky Fell Silent" is a passionate chant with light drones on background, where Enas Massalha's vocal overdubs mesmerize the listener. Israeli musician Eliad Wagner, composed a bleeping suite recording different tracks with the classic analog synthesizer Arp 2600, creating a suspended in time atmospheric piece (if you like Philip Glass, you have to check it out). Christian LoÌffler with "Cast", is here with an ambient suite enriched with growing texture made with guitar echoes, sub bass sounds, percussions and tiny melodies. Really nice. Khan presents "Shahane", a pulsating track that mix industrial and electronic melodies (synths, treated vocals, etc) creating hypnotic atmospheres. Gold Panda's "Air" is a fragmented cold experimental i.d.m. tune with feedbacks, drones, digital noises and vocal humming. Sometimes melodic and then noisy, the track will lead you toward dreamy landscapes. The trio Brand Brauer Frick with "Schwan" open the second CD with a ten minutes tune that mix jazzy experimentalism, dubstep and electronica. John Kameel Farah's "Mountain Hymn" is a musical improvisation made using computer sequencing, piano, vocals and synths. Jasmina Maschina's "Romantic Rebellion" is a recording of a live performance where she gave to the musicians the freedom to perform variations around the E, G, A and B notes. It sounds like a jazz orchestra performing a Glenn Branca suite. After this one there's another edit (the vocal edit) of Glitterbug feat. Enas Massalah's "The Sky Fell Silent". Caspar Clausen (Efterklang's singer) & Mads Brauer recorded a soundtrack to a short film shot by Karim Ghahwagi. "The Figment Notebook" has different moments: piano melancholic atmospheres are followed by orchestral upbeat moments with the add of a choir just to be back to the piano melodies. The track is present in two variations: with and without Sara Davis narration.

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