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Artist: LASZLO
Title: Radial Nerve
Format: CD
Label: Lydian Label
Rated: *****
Laszlo is the moniker of Aaron Frederick Wheeler, composer/producer based in London. His music blends many genres like IDM/Electronica/Experimental and Jazz/World/Folk/Classical. His first album, which will be released on Lydian Label the 5th of September, is titled RADIAL NERVE. He decided for such a title after he broke his radial nerve and once recovered, succeeded into composing new tracks even if doctors were thinking it would have been impossible to. The eleven tracks of the album shows really well Laszlo's wide musical interests that spans from Balearic atmospheres passing through jazz and techno. Many different instruments have been used on each track and if fusion sounding "Satori" has piano, mandolin, flute and vocals with i.d.m. rhythms, the short opening "Radial Nerve" to me sounds like a techno version of "Tubular Bells" and it sounds great. Percussions, dulcimer, piano, percussions and gongs are the main elements on "Musicbox Vs Dulcimer" while piano (sometimes reversed), vocals, jazzy drums, synth bass, flute and classic guitar are the ones of "Lydia's Dream". Sounding sometimes dreamy and others cinematic RADIAL NERVE will please the lovers of sophisticated chill out music.

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