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Jun 30 2011
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Artist: ELASTIK (@)
Title: Critik
Format: CD
Label: Koma Records (@)
Rated: *****
CRITIK is the second and newest album by a project coming from Paris / France called Elastik. Thomas Prigent is the main guy behind it and he collaborated with different people who composed the lyrics and sung on most of the album tracks. We have Horror 4o4 on "Ekymose", "Toxic" and "Skalpel" (she did a spoken word performance in French language while Thomas built a strong musical background in balance from industrial, new wave and experimental electronic music), Faustine on "Automatik" (this is a powerful track that begins with an hypnotic tiny bell melody and that grows slowly with the add of distorted drum beats and bass lines just to find its climax when catchy piano / bells melodies joins the great Faustine's performance), Cecilia H on "Organik" (this is an upbeat track based on warm synth bass lines, reverberated clean guitar arpeggios, analog drum machine beats that add pathos to the Cecilia H speech), Cheval Blanc on "Synkrone" (this is a melancholic tune with a nice piano / distorted reverse guitars duet with the add of powerful hard beats. Cheval Blanc is a guy who here performs his French speech) and Black Sifichi on "Insomniak" (this track is a mix of upbeat beats and minimal electronic melodies and Black Sifichi vocals sounds like a speech of an English actor). We have also three instrumental tracks ("Kristal", "Nevrotik" and "Klone") where Thomas build a strong mix made of industrial electronic music and catchy melodic intuitions or creates a nightmarish mix of piano echoes (on "Klone"). CRITIK is a great album which is able to mix cinematic atmospheres, cool sounds and convincing vocal performances. You can check the whole stream on the label's website.

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