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Artist: Uncodified (@)
Title: Involucri
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Magick With Tears (@)
Rated: *****
This third release in the self-devolping Magick With Tears catalogue, whose elements are always elegantly cardboard packaged in a hand numbered limited edition of 474, signed by the Italian electronic musician Corrado Altieri (aka TH26 - some listeners could have intercepted his collaborative work with Maurizio Bianchi issued by Small Voices - and one leg of Monosonik, maybe one of the most interesting electronic music project coming from italy), is not be trifled at all even if it's quite short. The moniker Corrado has chosen for this debut maybe refers to the decision of avoiding any computer aided sound designing or manipulation as he just uses a set of both analog and digital devices in order to notch, cut and superpose frequencies as well as piercing tones. "The Pathway", the first of the three tracks (Corrado prefers to entitle them phases), starts with a sort of white noise slightly varying in pitch before the rush of a cryptic obscure low-tone glitter which acts almost as a cataleptic catalysis for the listener, who could experience the sensation of crossing an infinite tunnel before the sudden black-out of the sonic stream, catapulting the listener itself in the second phase, entitled Receptors, whereas distorted noisy mumbles and sometimes ear-splitting hi-frequency tunes look like hailing in a random way. The third and final phase, whose drone-like forging is close to the one the above-mentioned Monosonik build during their involving installations, features a thundering pulse on layers of shattering frequencies finally resulting in a cinematic magma, whose bumps, similar to the ones of the rumbles of an earthquake, mixed with acute scary sounds look like a portrait where the geophysical phenomenon of a seism melts in the emotional aspect unleashed by this natural event. The artwork by Daniele Serra on the sleeve seems suited to the somewhat post-apocalyptic nuances of Altieri's sonic textures.

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