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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Main Control Board
Format: CD
Label: Lagunamuch (@)
Rated: *****
I seldom paste and copy complete phrases taken out of the label info sheet, but for this latest Experimental-Electronica compilation album of the Russian label Lagunamuch, I have to make an exception: 'It took us two years to finish this monolithic release. The result was worth the effort. Unfortunately during these two years many unexpected things have happened. One year ago, an excellent musician and creator of this project, Alexander Matrosov, passed away. One year later we are dedicating this compilation to him. It is exactly the way he wanted to see and hear it.' There isn't that much to add, since Alexander Matrosov has been one of the leading forces of the Lagunamuch community and his passing is still a shock for all involved. We send our deepest condolences in the name of the whole Chain D.L.K.crew. Regarding the tragic happenings, this compilation deserves respect. Since this release acts like a requiem, it is nearly forbidden to alter any component of it with a review. Be assured, that you'll get an awesome looking (digipack- and artwork-design by Arthur Berent ' that dark and bluish city in between some mountains is his best work so far'¦), and heavily Industrial-minded compilation, which is an ideal introduction to several artists of this Russian Underground-Electronica scene. I have to name some favourites, although this is rather based on personal preferences: Speyer ('¦ that is one of the projects with Alexander Matrosov involved'¦) impresses with a straight and linear IDM-track named 'Dust', which offers a hypnotic rhythm pattern and grows on opulent synth-layers. Arthur Berent has his own project Abstract Avenue taking part with two tracks, from which 'Oxid' gets my vote especially regarding the cutting snare drum in use. Riverz End, also featured on here with two tracks, has received the 'honour' to compose the title track of this compilation, which is an Experimental-minded Downtempo-tune with several foiled recording quells.
Life and business somehow goes on, but this compilation is a great pearl, if you like to check out some alternative IDM/Modern Ambient-/Electronica artists. That shall not sound disrespectful, but I am sure that Alexander Matrosov wanted to see us and all involved from the side of the Lagunamuch community to continue with normality. Make your contacts and purchase this awesome looking and sounding compilation.


01 Indu Mezu vs Flagra - The Game
02 Speyer - Dust
03 Riverz End - Triangle Man
04 Abstract Avenue - Oxid
05 Autopilots - Machine
06 Nightech - Grey Strata of Subways
07 L.F. - Delta-Foxtrot
08 Abstract Avenue - Kolkster
09 Speyer - Connecting to You
10 Riverz End - Main Control Board
11 Egofriend - Condition Rock
12 Alexandroid - Station MIR

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