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Artist: A Sphere Of Simple Green (@)
Title: Untitled Soundscapes
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Magick With Tears (@)
Rated: *****
The musicians Adriano Orru' (double bass), Silvia Corda (on prepared piano) and Simon Balestrazzi (electronics and amplified objects) drag in the great American poet Emily Dickinson to baptize their project - "A Sphere Of Simple Green" is the second verse of the little poem "the Grass so little has to do" - and as you can easily imagine, my personal research has been immediately oriented to find out some reason for such a choice by digging into musical grounds. An attempt of stylistical recording could lead this project in some empty place between improvisational jazz and electroacoustic experiments, but it's amazing the way they let tunes grow lively since the beginning whereas amplified objects and the heavy piano chord seem to assert themselves over some mumbling voices in order to bore a hole in the sound space which gradually seems turning into a vortex where instrumental tunes looks like being swallowed - while piano tunes sound falling headlong by heavy thuds, double bass ones looks like trying to cling to the sliding sides of the chasm... -. The one I tried to describe is the first of the three "untitled soundscape"; in the second after some double bass hoeing, an electronic piercing sound introduces to an impressive alternation between choral gurgling where this combo manages to give their sound an hypnotic gear without resorting to loops and flirts with silence, a conjuration, the last mentioned, which is more evident in the third untitled soundscape. Their skils in resulting hypnotical without recurring structures (many think green is an hypnotical color as well), the lack of symmetry in sound structures, some bombastic digressions, the preference for an unconventional musical language and certain performative togetherness which doesn't scratch the regularity of their sound (appearing perfect and compact like a sphere in spite of the uneven grounds they're moving on) could be a set of possible intersections with Dickinson's art.

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