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Artist: Saints of Ruin (@)
Title: Glampyre
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
Even if vampires are not my favorite monsters at all as I think zombies are remarkably nicer and widespread in contemporary society - just try taking underground in the morning time and you'll meet some of them, mostly wearing elegant suites holding briefcase and showing stinking breath off especially when they forgot brushing their teeth after they overate garlic bread the night before! -, I have to admit these fearful creatures are sometimes quite good rockers besides being more thorough in the choice of garment and arguably cosmetic as well. I'm not sure the American gothic band Saints Of Ruin tried to introduce a new entry in the Bestiary (maybe themselves?) even if songs like Love Dies or Slow Poison looks like some possible explanations of what could give birth to such a dreadful species and a song like Fire (the one I like most) could act as a comprehensive glossary of this clan, collecting words and concepts ("Religion/in the midst of the night/Incision/cuts the party on the right/Decisions/made profiting on high/Collision/pushes masses to a fight"...and so on...), but I do appreciate their plain way to rock the gothic scene. Their music sounds suitable, glamour(vampyr)esque - an important role has been played by the great "nordic" voice by Ruby Ruin in the musical cauldron - and austere at the same time without wanderings from the point. It shows a fancy for tidy rock structures and you can say everything except scolding for some technical mistake - maybe just guitar sometimes looks like getting bogged down -. You could consider it a merit, but also a sort of want, if you're seeking more experimental hooks in the scene. Every elements look in the right place to me, but I'm pretty sure they'll dare more in the forthcoming future. It's better not to be too draconian. Be patient and give them the time to suck more delicious blood to make up their sound!

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