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Jun 16 2011
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Artist: IMPAKT
Title: Resonant Escape
Format: CD
Label: Solar One Music (@)
Rated: *****
After his CD released last year by the 'Solar One Music' sublabel 'Unhoerbar', Jorgen Indal (a.k.a. Impakt) is back on the main label with 'Resonant Escape'. The new CD contains fourteen tracks that balance electro, techno, i.d.m., breakbeat and acid. Most of them sound like mid tempo soundtracks suspended in time. 'Spooping', for example, is focused on syncopated rhythms, analog bass lines/leads, sparse vocoder filtered vocals and layers of light distorted saw waves. The following "Mountain Climber Groove" reminds me of a robot march with classical music scales played with analog synths and with electro inserts. "Drink" is another good example of how much 'Impakt' is good at making tiny melancholic melodies adding a bit of schizophrenia, thanks to fluctuating distorted sounds and break rhythms. "At The End", instead, mixes acid TB-303 sounds, electro melodies and fast 4/4 rhythms. Sometimes these tracks make me recall 'Scape One' or the best 'Luke Eargoggle' moments. If you love these musicians, for sure, you already know Impakt but if you don't, this is the perfect way to get acquainted with his "braindance" tunes.
(Proofread by Johan Sebastian Bot)

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