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Title: The Naming Of Blue
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Ninthwave Records
Rated: *****
Dedicated to his beloved brother Neville, who passed away the last October, THE NAMING OF BLUE is the second solo album by Aidan Casserly, know also for being the singer of Empire State Human and the now disbanded The Garland Cult. The new album, which is released after one year and half from the fist "White soul", contains eleven new songs that mix synthpop, ballad, rock and ambient elements. The album starts with the touching choruses / orchestra of "Cloak & Daggers" just to follow with the first pop torch song "We're no sinners". On this song, piano, strings and guitar solos and the passionate voice of Aidan will make you wave your head and lighten your soul. "Sepia years" is a mid tempo ballad with Celtic melodies where strings, guitar and piano are the main instruments. "Steal for love" is the first tune to have dance atmospheres, this one has electronic sounds and sensual sax solos duetting with Aidan. "Boy song (for Billy Mackenzie)" is a mid tempo ballad dedicated to the memory of the Associates' singer and it mixes piano and synth pads. "Silent songs" is another piano / synths ballad which on its middle has a solo that turns it into a torch song. "River of souls" recalls me the desperate atmospheres of the third Marc Almond album "Mother fist". With "Sebastian and the dream" Aidan mixes dub atmospheres, synth bass sounds and harp solos just to make of it a dance tune after one minute. A catchy one for sure. "Marble" starts with ambient choruses and follows with house rhythms and leads. "Castles" is co-written with pianist Martin Watkins, who is famous for his piano and keyboard work with Marc Almond. The song is a ballad focused on piano and vocals with the add of soft wavy pads. The last song is a reprise of "Cloak & Daggers", this time based on strings and piano. I think that THE NAMING OF BLUE is the most personal album that Aidan did and after almost ten years of musical career he showed to the audience another side of his multifaceted soul.

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