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Artist: Andreas Gross (@)
Title: Autumn Inventors
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
The very first germs of this album by Andreas Gross were already listenable in the lovely mini-album Stone Thrower, issued by Echozone last year, so that after one year, I'd say finally, Autumn Inventors is the musical evidence they've luxuriantly sprouted. A sort of spring in spite of the seasonal references of the title garlanded by the guessed mixture of ethereal dark voices - I already appreciated Tabitha Anders' voice (even when Andreas Gross looks like playing on her gently melancholic frequencies by juxtaposing effects such as in Black String Girl, emphasizing salivary sounds on tracks as Silent Halls or the lovely cover version of The Sun by Soap&Skin or double voicing hers with the ones by Swenja and Jannika Schneider, acting almost as chorusing vestals) -, pop and wave suggestions with trip-hop, ambient, gothic and even medieval (have a listen to 1847, a track previously issued on the above-mentioned ep) sonorities, imbued in meaningful lyrics whereas some "gothic" themes have been better explained and conceptually defined. Not just generic references about a vague sense of loneliness or spiritual precariousness or even just an intimate report from psychotic journeys or devotional crisis ( lyrics of songs like Heart Parasite could suggest: "The demons I hide/so deep inside/they always make you see/the blackest views in me"), but there're many bodies of evidence and quotes in songs such as Oberon (looking like an aware invocation to a non-existing deity, identified in the mythological king of the fairies in medieval and Renaissance literature) or Shady Fortune Hunters ("we all are/shady fortune hunters/laughing ourselves to death/always searching for saint cyril of jerusalem") whereas it's clear it's impossible to say they're just another kind of fellowship to the "dazed and confused" philosophy! Andreas Gross also included four excerpts from live gigs (Agnus Dei, Stone Thrower, False Prophets and Hail To The Employee), recorded two years ago for Jorg Tochtenhagen's birthday. I highly recommend to look for their forthcoming strictly limited DVD, entitled Obscure Sessions, in order to better appreciate Andreas Gross' vision of his own music.

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