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Artist: Leichenwetter (@)
Title: Zeitmaschine
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
Less than six months ago, we introduced and appreciated Leichenwetter's Legende and I personally decided to relisten some of their past releases so that it was almost immediate to notice the significant improvement of their sound. The following step of a careful listener is quite logical and could consist of a sort of imaginary bookbinding of their past releases according to their renowned style and - abracadabra (or whichever hocus pocus you prefer!) - here it is playing in my headphones! Someone could malign saying it's too easy to do it if someone already wrote lyrics centuries ago...but that could be an unjust and hasty sentence they definitively don't deserve! The powerful and vibrant voice by Numen (there're many moments when his voice make listener's skin crawl such as when he roars Allerseelen by Georg Trakl, Schwanenlied by Gottfried August Burger or Im Nebel by Hermann Hesse) has been propelled by the female one by Nina twice (for the above-mentioned Schwanenelied, my favorite track, and Die Zeit Geht Nich, a great poem by Ottfried Keller...I've not premised they just sing German poems - mainly belonging to Expressionism, Sturm und Drang and Weimar Classicism - as I presumed you already know this feature of this German band...beware: they just use German - a detail I appreciated a lot -!), while their sound features more electronics side by side the massive epic guitar walls. Leichenwetter properly called such a maquillage Zeitmaschinee (Time-machine), even if it's quite controversial if they travel towards past glorious ages or if they just evoked past poets to let them live again in our ones...or just both! Intellectual (but not necessarily snobbish) musical surgery (or time travelling!), you'll easily enjoy!

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