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Artist: Atomic Neon
Title: Change
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain (@)
Rated: *****
I use to remember an italian band that was so fond of Ramones that was called Bernardones. The musical result was indeed not as hilarious as the monicker, and of course not as good as Ramones. That's the problem, when the role model is so clearly shown it's impossible to avoid comparisons with the original, and the result is always the same: you can't compete with the Gods. That's why I hate cover bands. That's why Atomic Neon job is very dangerous. After a first superficial listen you can already frame them in coldwave style, and most of all vocals are a complete Robert Smith rip-off'¦ but not as good. The only way to avoid comparisons with the Gods is trying to make the whole thing as much personal as possible, alternatively doing it in a "godly" way. Luckily music is not just an exercise of Cure-like playing, but it's 100% coldwave the way you would expect it. So fans of the genre will be very pleased from this album, music is sad, harmonization between bass, guitar and keyboards is melancholic, very well done, perfectly 80's if it wasn't for the sound. That's the only thing Atmoc Neon didn't stick to the 80's with, the sound is very modern, and maybe coldwave fans with ears that care might find it a bit overproduced and not raw and spontaneous enough. There's also a hidden ebm mix after the last and 13th track

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