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Artist: KAVAL
Title: Sky Of Mirrors
Format: 12"
Label: Das Drehmoment (@)
Rated: *****
Three years from the release of the Keen K EP, the label Das Drehmoment is back with the first release of Kaval titled SKY OF MIRRORS. Formed by Roberto Auser (he's based in Rotterdam and has at his active releases with Alden Tyrell on Bear Funk and solo on Bear Funk and Nature Records) and Ian Martin (he is an artist and DJ based in Rotterdam with releases on Strange Life Records, Bunker Records and Further Records at his active), Kaval on their fist vinyl album bring in ten tracks which form two long suites inspired by the electronic pioneers of the 70s (Vangelis and the all the cosmic synth voyagers of the likes of Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder, etc) and by John Carpenter' soundtracks. Sounding now experimental, then tribal, the duo succeeds into creating tense atmospheres that often have epic synth melodies and sparse rhythmic fill-ins. Being a middle way from horror soundtracks and cosmic/ambient trips, SKY OF MIRRORS is a nightmarish album that is able to hypnotize its audience and slowly weaving its web that will trap them. Check it out!

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