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Artist: Christmann/Frangenheim/Schipper (@)
Title: Core
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
There's a precise and very interesting conceptual framing about this amazing release co-signed by Gunter Christmann (cello, trombone), Alexander Frangenheim (double bass) and the surprising vocalist Elke Schipper: every tracks have been entitled RAC, a protein isolated in fruit flies which appears to regulate some mnemonic processes - according to some American and Chinese researchers, it seems that when activated, RAC causes the fast fading of newly formed memories, allowing new ones to come in and solidify, a sort of turn-over into human "ram memory" arguably very important for good functioning of brain. This talented improvisational performers were maybe trying to switch RAC on during this recording occured on the end of January 2010 at Studio Borne in Berlin. It's quite clear that Elke's vocal extended techniques are ear-catching and I'm saying so not to behave with gallantry: altough cello, trombone and double bass play such an important role in the rehearsal performative stage that they can be perceived as "very close" elements to Core's dramatics and sometimes even stand-alone elements (as you can experience in Rac 11 or Rac 12), most of listeners will presumably focus on amazingly gorgeous versatility and swiftness in changing compass as well as the dramatic power by Elke Schipper, whose vocal skills sometimes sound able to cause the eruption of some subcutaneous strong energies while stammeringly muttering, humming, crying, yodelling, trilling, retching, gasping, screaming and distorting in many different ways her vocal chords in order to render emotions in a so vivid way that you could physically and emotionally react when for instance it seems some cruel dentist is trying to extract her painful tooth without anaesthesia or when she sounds falling prey to atrocious spasms provoking some vocal gasping convulsions, strangulated shouts, silent snurls or excruciating yells. Really amazzzzzziiiiiing stu...uh..uh...uh...shhhhhhhhhh...uff! B...p...p...p...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... (sorry for this sort of onomatope-like induction!)

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