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Title: La Via Del Latte
Format: 12"
Label: Enfant Terrible
Rated: *****
Issued for the first time in 1982 by Trumpett, LA VIA DEL LATTE was the first Doxa Sinistra tape and it will be the latest Trumpett reissue by Enfant Terrible. The Dutch label already released on vinyl 'Conveyer Belt', the second Doxa Sinistra tape and now you have the opportunity to check eighteen out of twenty one tracks of their first great release (the intro, the outro and "Maurizio's minestrone" are missing into this 300 copies run reissue). Mixing minimal melodic synth lines, guitar riffs, sparse drum machine beats and analog noises with an experimental/industrial attitude, the band succeeded into creating a personal landscape made of short instrumentals (the longest track is three minutes long) characterized by alienated atmospheres where the vocals are filtered and duet with percussive noises and bleeping monophonic keyboards. Alternating fast and tense tracks (check "Ruhrgebiet" or "Kuomintang`s Space Blues") to experimental atmospheric ones (like "Via Del Latte 2" or "Via Del Latte 4"), Doxa Sinistra sounding sinister like a nuclear alarm siren. Spreading their sonic pollution all around your place, the Dutch band will convince you that it's better to sleep with one eye opened...

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