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Title: Antidote
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Vermin Street
Rated: *****
Coming from Brighton, UK, Manni Dee is releasing his latest single for Vermin Street. The EP contains two original tunes titled "Antidote" and "Universal symphony". The first one mixes Nintendo games bleeps with nice melodies, breaks and sparse vocal samples. The second ones has a laid back attitude thanks to mid tempo breaks and sci-fi vocal samples. Bleeps and melodies blend nicely creating, as for the first one, a cinematic atmosphere. The EP contains also two remixes of "Antidote" (Alby D Cheecky, Manni Dee's studio partner, turned the original tune into a dub/break number with a bit of experimental attitude and Rotterdam's Halp made of it a bleeping techno atmospheric track) and one of "Universal symphony" (now sounding two step and bouncing thanks to Moscow's Pixelord). Nice...

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