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Artist: Flint Glass, Polarlicht 4.1, Transistor
Title: Zoran's equation
Format: CD
Label: Funkwelten (@)
Rated: *****
Three monickers for two artists, french Gwenn Tremorin and german Ronny Jaschinski, teaming up together for this rather interesting project. The more two artists are different the more harmonization is difficult, the risk of an oil and water (un)mix grows bigger, but this is not the case. Tremorin and Jaschinski have managed to bring in their own influences and sound, mixing them together, preserving their own identity and giving birth to something new and most definitely interesting. The first has a more industrial/ambient/noise background, you can hear him in the deep drones and noises, in the whole gloomy mood, Ah Cama Sotz! or even Haus Arafna fans might be delighted. On the other rhythmic side there's a pretty much rarefied kind of IDM patterns and sounds. The mix works perfectly along the common path of inspiration by french science fiction writer Renè Barjavel's novel "Le nuits de temps". Remarkable are also the paintings used for the graphic artwork provided by Denis Khokhrin ( Mission executed.

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