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May 17 2011
Artist: DYM
Title: The swarm
Format: CD
Label: Noitekk (@)
Rated: *****
Death to Your Modern hail from Toronto, Canada. This is their second release on Noitekk after 'Invilid' in 2008. It can be considered as an EP since it consists of only 6 tracks, but due to 10 remixes added the final length is ok for a double vinyl Lp. The cover is not the best piece of art around, probably all the efforts have been put into music and powerful production, a surely remarkable aspect of this release. DYM definitely try to make their sound a bit different from the average harsh EBM acts, mixing the usual harsh vocals and synth arpeggios with electro-industrial sounds, more 'symphonic' darkened parts and breakcore influences. 'For Catherine' is an instrumental track showing this will of 'experimentation'. 'Right to fail' is a dancefloor breaker hit that perfectly fulfill its aim. 'Swarm' has a very nice old EBM bass line. Despite those attempts it's not a record that will be remembered for its originality, a slight step forward for sure but also a loss of energy when trying to be different. The whole remixes first album follows, since I have not listened to the original I cannot say what's better and what's not, though I enjoyed the driving 'Touch' remix by C-Lekktor

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