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Artist: AAL (@)
Title: In Luce
Format: CD
Label: S'Agita Recordings (@)
This should be Davide Vallecchi's fifth release in a couple of years, and though the time span is short, the improvement in his music is dramatic. In the wake of his self-released cdr's ("Disc 1" and "Inherited and partially transmitted"), this new work seems to also incorporate the organic quality of his electroacoustic/field recordings-based compositions ("13" and "Dear Dead Days" on S'Agita), and this synthesis is a remarkable sign of maturity. "In Luce" is pure cosmic ambient for creatures of earth and breath. Vertigos of light (and Schulze's "Irrlicht" is the closest work I can think of as a paragon) and passages of shadows - never completely detached in the moments of ecstasy, nor desolate in the dark ones. And never static, turbulent in its suspension, in continuous mutation - to describe one single track would be like trying to pin down a cloud. As moving and enchanting as art (/life) should always be.

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