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Artist: Daniele Brusaschetto (@)
Title: Fragranze Silenzio
Format: CD
Label: Bosco rec / Bar La Muerte
Rated: *****
I've been following Daniele Brusaschetto's music and moves since longer than I can remember. He was one of the pioneers of the '90es scene of weirder and more interesting electronic music in Italy and almost twenty years later he's still at it. I've lost count of how many records he's done. As you'd expect his style has evolved and changed and today is maybe darker and more introspective than ever. If you judged his latest direction from the title-track of this CD you'd think that he's now into Sunn O)))/Boris/Sleep but, except for that one long, epic and somber closing doom movement, the album "Fragranze Silenzio" (Silence Frangrances) has much less distortion and rather portrays and artist that can effortlessly move from slow and sinister tracks (like the opener "La Bambina Intermittente") to more uptempo electronica that sound like an odd mixture between Bjork, Clock DVA and Young Gods (as in "Il Sole Domani"), passing through minimalistic industrial rhythmic episodes (such as "Ali di Mosca"). Courageous choices like phase-reversing percussion tracks so that you can listen to a song with or without a beat ("Clouds") speaks for his daring approach.
Throughout, a sense of loss and reflection permeates this album, augmented by disturbed and treated pianos, glitchy beats and electronica, treated guitars.
The common denominator is more often than not his vocal style and his cryptic lyricism. Wide and deep doubled vocals, sometimes willfully distant, almost always dipped in long reverbs and treated to sound removed but still within the context of the music.
Lyrics are mostly all in Italian and if you want to really dive into Daniele's world they are printed on the inside of the digipack. He's certainly an artist that has a lot to say but leaves plenty to imagination.

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