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Artist: SYNC 24 (@)
Title: We Rock Non Stop Remixes
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Cultivated Electronics
Rated: *****
Active under the Sync 24 moniker since early 00s, Londoner musician Phil Bolland is also the man behind the 'Cultivated Electronics' label. His latest EP was released on vinyl last year; The release had four tracks with genres ranging from electro, minimal electronics to Detroit techno. Now, I'm here to introduce you to Sync 24's newest EP released for CE
Digi (digital sublabel of Cultivated Electronics). The new EP contains three remixes: two of the main track "We Rock Non-Stop" (Scape One and Heuristic Audio reworked this track) and one of "Chosen Module" by Clatterbox. The EP opens with Scape One giving a dark touch to the already robotic tune, enhancing the uneasy feeling that the original track had already been successful in doing. Focused mainly on rhythms, the original tracks lead the audience through syncopated beats and ambient pads with shots of upbeat bass lines. Heuristic Audio, for their version of "We Rock Non-Stop", decided to press the pedal on the post sci-fi atmospheres creating a breathtaking mix made up of menacing
atmospheres and growling pads. Clatterbox, instead, used cyborg laser beams and crystal synth leads to enrich their melodic sequences on the new version of "Chosen Module". Good one!
(Proofread by Johan Sebastian Bot)

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