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Title: Whiter Album
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Out Of Range Records (@)
Rated: *****
After three singles Kimmo Karjalainen is finally landing with his musical project Huminoida (which is an odd, poetic Finnish word meaning "to hum","to make a humming noise") with his first album WHITER ALBUM. Available in a folded limited deluxe CD packaging and double vinyl / CD bundle, the album contains eleven old and new tracks. If you already checked the singles "A/B" and "Huminoida loves you", you already know the longer version of "Bigone Wars / White noise", the minimal wave upbeat hit "Obsessions" and the Ballard influenced lyrics of "Other side". Mixing a bit of synthpop, electronic experimental and minimal wave 80s atmospheres and sounds, Kimmo is packaging a great album where catchy epic melodies are enriched by his voice which is now sounding detached and now passionate. He loves synth analog sounds and all the tracks are a hymn to the warm sounds of the early John Foxx and Gary Numan records. If you love The Normal, Robert Rental, Fad Gadget and Thomas Leer, for sure you won't miss this. Check the new "Adding shades to monochrome", "The sound of synthesizers" and "Part time isolation" and you'll find yourself trapped into fat growling pads, dry retro analog 4/4 drum beats, melancholic atmospheres with a bit of noir romance. If you want a dark upbeat song, "Ride" is the track for you, thanks to its guitar riffs and to its hypnotic structure. If you prefer to let yourself go to synth experimental sounds which turn into an obsessive synth suite with reverb thickening the sound while filters make their dirty job on laser like synth leads and on a blasting bass line, "Folk of the twilight counties" is here for you. The CD is already available and it's ridiculously cheap: you can have it for 11 Euros p+p included worldwide. The vinyl will arrive soon from the factory. A must...

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