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Artist: Diego Arandojo y Mauro Savarino
Title: Las 77 Paginas
Format: DVD
Label: GH Records (@)
Rated: *****
This is a movie, not a record. I don't know why a label like Gradual Hate put a film in a catalogue full of music but ... who cares? This is more relevant to music than a DVD made out of a concert footage.
If information is a classical theme of Industrial music, this movie is an hymn for culture. The plot seems simple: there's a book of 77 pages made in 77 copies donated to 77 chosen few by a mysterious god called The printer. The reason is simple and explained in the beginning of this movie: the worse of human attitude is oblivion. When the Earth is in the apocalyptic process of becoming again the Pangea, an unique continent as theorized as in the beginning of the history of the human race, the only resource against extinction is the book that contains the knowledge of mankind.
This movie seems more a video than a proper movie but has a great feature: it's constructed as a silent film. Apart from reconstructed TG parts describing the situation, all the dialogue is done by a narrator also because it seems than all the keepers of a copy of the book are blind and, perhaps, mute. The result is a charge against the part of humanity that choose a safer ignorance instead of an harsh truth. To see.

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