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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: : New World Order :
Format: CD
Label: GH Records (@)
Rated: *****
This a compilation of post-industrial spanish band trying to give a first shot on this scene. Listening to this cd, it's impossible not to see that the key feature of this project is variety. Starting with the harsh sonic assault of Moloch 1811 and ending with the spoken word of The Wirm, all the colors of this scene give a colourful picture.
There's artist like Jazznoise that deal with almost isolationist ambient while Stahlfabrik use more robotical rhythm. Gradual Hate, Obscuridad Macabra and Sillme are more oriented with ritualistic musical patterns. N-Urss, MyNationShit, Transmission From The Crypt looks at the dancefloor with a more catchy approach. ERG and Verbum are the martial side of this pack. Uanami, instead, with "Michlan" use an almost Warp-like approach of this tune.
Apart from the fact that none of this band seems truly original, all the tracks are well constructed, an this means the curator has done a really good job of selection, making this compilation enjoyable and far better than one could expect.

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