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Artist: +VERB
Title: Solar Heat Traveler
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Vermin Street
Rated: *****
Here's a new release from Vermin Street. I kinda missed the label's sound during their seven months break. Anyway... +verb with SOLAR HEAT TRAVELER are bringing to the dubstep lovers three new tunes made of mid tempo robotic fragmented sounds full of bleeps, wobbling sounds and tiny melodies. Sounding now epic and then mysterious "Puddlegum", "JerkOff" and "Meltyyy" show a great attitude and a knowledge on how making an atmospheric tune. Stops and go, powerful kiks and an intricated rhythmic palette will convince you that this release is worth checking. On this EP you can also find three remixes of the opener "Puddlegum" reworked by +verb themselves (the "I can haz harps" mix), Knight Riderz (their take is cinematic and powerful thanks to the use of choirs) and De79 (their version sounds like an 8bit buzz slow dub tune). Freddy Todd closes the EP with a remix of "JerkOff" where he enhances the wobbling bass effect and the bleeping sounds but keeping the main structure of the track. Nice one.

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