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Artist: Geistform
Title: Transistor Music
Format: CD
Label: Hands Productions (@)
Rated: *****
Already the fourth full-length album of the Spanish fellow Rafael M Espinosa, after his Hands-debut 'Pro Analogic' in 2008 and his earlier two releases on Dirk Ivens' Daft Records. 'Transistor Music' is generally a nice example taken out of the often ignored textbook 'How-to-produce-effective-music-with-the-most-minimal-effort'. The hypnotic impression squeezed out of Rafael's equipment mostly provided by repetitive and seldom changing drum patterns, relative 'warm' sounding distortion- and lo-fi FX-inserts, and 'Transistor'-like interferences searches hard for comparisons, but it doesn't wonder too much, if the usual notorious names like DIVE and ORPHX are coming up. Rafael definitely doesn't need to hide himself behind those global scene-players, as he grows and grows to one of the outstanding artists signed to Hands Productions. 'Emisor' is a nice example of a stand-out track, as this dark filtered snare drum charms the ear-channel. 'Antimatter' is the straightest and most-forward moving tune on here and would be able to fill uncountable dancefloors of world-wide based dark clubs. 'Bad Particle' is another remarkable track with its drum pattern-variation. Rafael's kind of composing, as well as his hypnotic kind to lead his arrangements, offers him a wide ranging array of recognition. Relatively minimal, but so damned effective produced Industrial-/Noise-Electronica, which you should call your own. Get it!

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