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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: New Sound Theory vol. 1
Format: CD
Label: basicLUX (@)
As soon as I saw this disc in my mail it felt like this was gonna be the next best thing in our reviews section and I was right... This is the kind of record I elected for my next cross-Atlantic trip, along with Echo's and the Saafi Brother's "Liquid Beach". ;-) But enough about me and more about this great new compilation.
Released by husband and wife James and DeAnna Cool's new label basicLUX based in Atlanta, GA, "New Sound Theory"'s first volume is "...a sound for lifestyle"! It brings together fifteen of the best new acts of the smooth chill-out downtempo ambient electronica scene, each adding their own interpretative key to the theory, from nu jazz to neo soul, from deephouse to trip'n'bass. Artists include Chris Brann (of Ananda Project, Wamdue, P'taah), Soulrider, Stormchild, Bleu Screen, Madison Park vs Lenny B, Puzzle, Bryan Ogden, Auricle, JC Scott Project, Salah Ananse, Kaizer, KemeticJust and Abstract Foundation. So much new and affirmed eclectic talent on one record makes for a great buy, I'll tell you, because it's not every day that you find good and groovy lounge music like this. You can dance to it, you can vibe to it, it's great for every mood you are in (almost...) and it's absolutely terrific and cool sounding! I love it.
It's interesting to know that the CD came out with the help of unusual (for the music business that is) sponsoring partners, such as a funky and hip clothing/accessories boutique, a Japanese retreat spa/salon and an body/home accessories store (all in Atlanta) which further proves the kind of lifestyle integration that this project reaches out for.
By the way, if you are in the area, you may also catch some of the action live at the newsoundtheory sundays (log on to their website for full schedule of events)!
Except for just a couple of tracks that perhaps aren't quite up there I think, and except for the fact that such a compilation CD would deserve and has people expect more linear notes about each artist (mini bios, contacts etc), I'd say it's a great little gem of quality new sounds, and not just theoretically speaking... ;-)

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