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Mar 20 2003
Artist: Displacer (@)
Title: Moon_Phase
Format: CD
Label: M-Tronic (@)
M-Tronic is know for the quality of their releases and with Mlada Fronta and Mimetic it accustomed us to a certain signature sound made of great electro-industrial music. That signature can be found in this record as well but along with a new element and powerful that I had never before heard in a M-Tronic release and that I warmly welcome as a great addition to the roster of sonorities the label deals with. Basically there is a whole lotta more ambient to it, pumping with a definite UK heartbeat. If you like Warp stuff in the vein of great artists such as Autechre or Aphex Twin you'll be very pleased with this, I know I am, and it won't come as no surprise to know that Mute actually licensed one of their titles. Therefore expect dense atmospheres made of harsh ambient-electro rhythmical patterns, layers of dark-industrial soundscapes, fast pace sequences of hi tech sounds, fast and slow beats. It's a real shame that my CD was fucked half way through and I couldn't really enjoy it all because it is a stunning work."Moon_Phase" was mastered (and in part even re-mixed) by Mike Wells (Gridlock) in San Fran and also contains remixes of Beefcake and Polish Ch District.Displacer is yet another Canadian project (these Canadians!!! ...not only do they have politicians who are not afraid to speak up, which is great, but they also have plenty of electronic musicians, mostly in the cities of Montreal and Toronto, where this guy's from), by young web-designer, visual artist and musician Mike Morton. Definitely keep an eye on him because his first steps in the musical world sure are very promising.

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