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Artist: VEHEMENCE 6.2 (@)
Title: Skleros (fourth edition)
Format: CD
Label: Self Released
Vehemence 6.2 is a particular project. If you visit their website you won't find news about the guy behind that name, maybe the music is the most important thing. Words are useless and listening to SKLEROS 4th edition you can feel different sensations. Most of the tracks are short and by the way they are composed you don't have time to understand them and at the same time you're fashinated by them all. It's like is a living sequence that grows constantly and changes every minute. Here industrial music meets experimentation alternating noises, hisses, piano, slowed samples and various rhythms. All the tracks play with rough sounds being capable of finding their warmth. Another peculiar thing is that tracks from eighteen to sixty six are composed by ten seconds of silence, tracks sixty six is a minute and half obscure track and angain, silence, until the last track numbered eighty three. While listening to this "empty" tracks, you'll release that silence ins't meaningless. Vehemence 6.2 is the personal project of Kevin Schlueter a guy coming from O' Fallon, Mo, USA I haven't got any other news about him, I only know that he formed his own label called Leukos Industries and if you are curious enough to listen his music, he's sending out his CD for free. Write him to know how. P.s. Kevin also sent me a demo with five new tracks and I assure you that if you love any type of dark sound, he's the man for you. The tracks are different from his previous ones, there's a different approach to sound or maybe he used only different sounds and rhythms but the result is always good... :)

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