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Artist: Jason Kahn (@)
Title: Sin Asunto
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Many reviewers mistakenly think that graphical score is just an almost unuseful and somewhat provocative act of oddness or a disrespectful corruption of standard musical notation. The last example of such a different graphical representation I introduced on this web pages was the one Blixa Bargeld made while relistening to the sound sculputers by Alva Noto on the occasion of their appreciated collaboration (ANBB); the one by Jason Kahn is remarkably different not only because his ensemble of musicians, met in Seul in 2006, doesn't use both electronic devices and human voices, but also as it's not properly a graphical visualization inspired by sound stimulation, but it's definitively a real score! If you'll have a look on it, you will notice it could remind both some similitudes with the cycle of water - waves of different length, drizzle, raindrops, concentrical cicles close to the ones you'll notice on a liquid surface when throwing some object into it, snow crystals and so on among the symbols on this diagram for each musician - and a sort of stratification akin to the one of the atmosphere, following a sort of timeline - the horizontal axis of this diagram has been divided into 5-minutes long time intervals and you could follow the composition on this bizarre libretto! -. And even if this "organic" piece, composed for a concert series at the Moods club in Zurich, has been entitled Sin Asunto (with no subject!), both the mentioned remarks sound coherent and symbiotical to the artistic purpose of the composer, intended to "create an atmosphere akin to one pushing up to the surface from the very great depths of a vast and dark body of water, rising to the light streaming down from above with both a sense of urgency and resignation". It's really amazing the way the tunes resurface from the evoked depths and they way each musician - Vincent Millioud on violin, Bo Wiget on cello, Christian Weber on contrabass and Jason itself on amplified percussion, mentioned following the altimetric order on the graphical score! - follows these "atmospheric" punctuation with ease, showing their fluency in the most intruiguing and unruled language humankind knows. It's music!

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