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Artist: Dead Hand Projekt (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: Vendetta Muisc (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Some music-projects don't use that special, German-like 'k' letter in a band name to document their music genre, do they? However, Denver-based label and mail-order service Vendetta Music has a heart for newcomer acts, while behind DEAD HAND PROJEKT hides with Taury Goforth a relatively known (HEX-RX) and notorious name out of the Electro-/Industrial genre. And you can be assured, that you will discover his talent to create a harsh and raw pounding Electro-/EBM onslaught note by note and pattern by pattern. Yes, it's known to all listeners and readers, that the stomping and harsh raving Hellectro-virus cannot offer any new or innovative form of a sound-outfit, but this uncompromising kind, how Taury offers his assaulting efforts should leave you thrilled and breathless. Violent and raging, that's a perfect description for those hammering tracks like 'Concrete', but on this album you will find several more, spectacular sounding effects, beats, synth drops, or noises, which leave impression while listening, compared to your usual Industrial experiences. This self-titled album is definitely one of good ones and can rival with the global big-players out of this genre. Purchase and consume this one without doubts, but take care about the listed disclaimer: 'DEAD HAND PROJEKT is not responsible for any properties/persons destroyed while listening to this album.'

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