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Artist: Militia (@)
Title: Eco-Anarchic Manifesto
Format: CD
Label: Tactical Recordings + Malignant Records (@)
After the completion of "the Statement Trilogy" the statement wasn't actually been clearly made yet, so this release serves that purpose, also providing you with a live recording of the band's performance at Deadly Actions IV festival on November 3rd 2000 in Lille (France). The "Eco-Anarchic Manifesto" comes as a nice A5-sized book made of heavy paper with a black cardboard front and read cover. Like the band Militia and their relation to music, this release is more of a political one than a musical one. The CD is meant to accompany the reading of the eight chapters of the manifesto. In 50 pages Militia explains what eco-anarchism is, why the respect of nature and being in balance with the environment is so important, how its society can be structured, co-managed and defended and how it is designed to educate its peoples and provide for the community. The book itself is a very interesting reading. Not too long, not too short and straight to the point. While on stage Militia is banging and hammering their way through the set of tribal and post-war-like percussive mayhem, Militia's critical views of other anarchist movements reflect in the book and prove their point with a well thought-out plan and with intelligent arguments. It sports a more practical approach, which certainly makes it more appreciable, and does not oversee important aspects of the issue or let go to the usual tempting but unrealistic anarchic utopia. Of course, even though communes built in similar manners already exist around the world, we will never live to see the society envisioned by this manifesto to be a large scale one because too many variables are left up to the faith in people in the fact that they actually will care and will respect each other. On the other hand we cannot expect the manifesto to have all the answers. So, while disturbing and visuals-evoking background sounds, experimental electronic noise and words of change come out of my capitalist stereo system, in spite of the manifesto's more realistic and practicable ideas, plainly put, it is ambitious and a little out of touch with the reality at hands, but even more so, this is a very good example of people thinking globally and acting locally, and if only there were more people like Militia the world would be a better place (excuse the rhetorics) and we would be a lot closer to the common goal.

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