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Artist: Militia (@)
Title: The Black Flag Hoisted
Format: CD
Label: Tactical Recordings (@)
If you are sick of all these bands that call themselves "industrial" without having a clue about where the term comes from, what the term stands for, what the true original industrial sound was and what message it carried along, then you wanna check out Militia (what a simply great name that is, by the way). The Belgian collective (5 players + audio engineer + visual crew) will let you go back to the roots of industrial with their politically-loaded thought-provoking blend of self-built percussive instruments, murky rumbling and droning electronics, screaming anarchist propaganda lyrics, revived historical audio documents, samples of rallies and court interviews and revolutions, didgeridoo improvisations, occasional standard drum set parts, electrical tension and other random noises. If you are still reading then I could probably avoid comparing Militia to any of the historical industrial bands, but since lots of people are confused about what industrial really is (or originally was) I should maybe mention that SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Test Dept, Einsturzende and maybe a little bit Laibach have probably all influenced Militia to some extent."The Black Flag Hoisted" is the third release in the Militia Statement Trilogy. Following their 3xLP set "New European Order" and a 2CD box called "Nature Revealed" (which was also a performance in some Belgium theaters/museums), this new release comes in a spectacular packaging, compliments of Militia's graphical crew and of German Tactical recordings, who's been taking care of business (a word I should probably not use in conjunction with Militia ;-)) since the early days. This amazing release comes to you in a big A4-shaped strictly black un-folding hard-paper package with pictures of anarchists and notes referring to the Animal Liberation Front (the A.L.F. group is an international network of animal activists that break into vivisection laboratories to free puppies, cats and other animals from cruel, un-human and un-scientific experiments made for the sake of money), the Extreme Left Party Rostock and the pictured anarchists and philosophers Bakunin, Durutti, Kropotkin and Proudhon. But that's not all! Besides the two CDs (in simple cardboard sleeves) there is also a poster with more texts and credits on the back and a real anarchic fabric flag! Just plain delicious!Another important thing to mention is that this double-CD also features guests and collaborations including Militia's close friend Mike R.Dando (aka Con-Dom) from the UK, Azure Mortal, Rudi Pinsaert, Nas Dom / Slomsek Choir (all from Belgium), Mark Kerkhofs and Cor Gout / Trespassers W (from the Netherlands), Bastard Noise and Wastematrix (from the US), IDPA (from Germany) and Robert Fic from the Tsjech Republic.

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