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Title: You Thrashed My Mind
Format: CD
Label: Vertical Records
Distributor: PIAS / Groove Attack
Rated: *****
Ten years after the first edition of their debut album "Wake up", Kitbuilders are back with a new album titled YOU TRASHED MY MIND. Available on CD and double vinyl it will be released the next month on the Cologne duo personal label Vertical Records. The album contains fifteen tracks where they give life to electronic dance extravaganzas where disco, techno and electro play a big role. As a musical counterpart to the club oriented sounds you can also find different tunes influenced by 80s electronic music (see Chris And Cosey) and synth wave music ("Shoot you", "Bodies" or "Spellbound" recalled me of Pink Industry for the warm sound and the feeling of uneasiness). I'd like also to underline that Kitbuilders put a big effort into sound programming: by using mainly analog synthesizers they improved the roughness and the impact of of their music thanks to fat bass lines and warm oscillators. Obsessive arpeggios and fast hard beats find their nemesis into the passionate female vocals of Cordula, which alternate mysterious atmospheres to detached ones. If you are in the mood for dancing or in the mood for a good rich electronic album, YOU TRASHED MY MIND fits them both.

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