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Title: Dead Shall Rise
Format: CD
Label: Rebco Records
Rated: *****
DEAD SHALL RISE is the latest Flesh Eating Foundation album. It contains eleven new tracks which show really well how the trio is able to dominate guitar distortion and samples. Opening with the epic and melodically melancholic "The world revolves around you", F.E.F. set high the level of quality and they dare themselves to win the bet. The following track "For you" mix e.b.m. sounds and post punk attitude creating a melodic fast tune. "Dead shall rise" sounds like a cry of a not dead with obsessive bass lines and slow guitar solos. "Swallowed" and "Disappointed" sound like rotten robotic anthems with nice melodies and piano inserts. "Truth to be told" and "Blood us dry" sound like Killing Joke on acid. "Slow death of decency" is a crawling epic distorted synth based tune which explode on the final part. "Whe it all comes down" and "Disconnect me" are catchy tunes with electro industrial attitude. The closing bonus track "...And dance" sounds like a classic 80s e.b.m. tune also inspired by Alien Sex Fiend. DEAD SHALL RISE is a really nice album and I enjoined it. Try it, it could be yours for only 5'¬!

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