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Title: the red giant meets the white dwarf
Format: CD
Label: Boring Machines (@)
Rated: *****
An old American commercial said "another fine product brought to you by" and in this review we can go on writing: "'¦by Philippe Petit!", that in this recording is joining the Greek post-rock psychedelic trio Chapter 24. If you happened to read an old interview to String of Consciousness we did for Chaindlk you probably remember the French musician was already talking about this recording and and now It's finally out on Boring Machine. Differently from other collaborative efforts in which Petit collaborates with some friends, here he becomes a sort of fourth member of the band, this thing brings forth the obvious conclusion Chapter 24 have a big importance in the final result of this work. Should we talk about psychedelia or kraut music?...who cares anyway, the only important thing according to my humble opinion is that this cd is oniric, sometimes almost dreamy, nightly but it's not one of those third rate answers to GY!BE, Mogway or Mono. By some means we can dare to say it has some post rock reminiscences this could be close to Tarentel when after the first (wonderful) records they started getting more and more drone-driven and experimental. The comparison can draw us close to Pink Floyd and believe it or not that's not completely wrong, let's say Faust when working similarly to their inspirators. If the album title suggests a story plot we can also imagine this' an ideal soundtrack and that's also another proper definition. While the first songs of this cd have an introductive role this work grows track after track, I've been listening several times to this "the red giant meets the white dwarf " while relaxing on my sofa and the impulse to lay down and close my eyes was always there. Vintage and really "set the controls for the heart of the sun" if you get what I mean: have a nice trip.

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