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Artist: Aktive][Hate (@)
Title: In Terrorem
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
After the both quite entertaining demo recordings, still freely downloadable by the Portuguese label Enough Records, I was quite pleased to see this one-man-project signed to a label. 'In Terrorem' is therefore the official CD debut for this talented artist active under his pseudonym ISK. And it is a filled release, you'll get 74 minutes of Harsh EBM/Hellectro music, which offers still some interesting components asides that usual experience. First of, and quite important, Mr. ISK has discovered the existence of a guitar, as he throws in some supportive Metal-like riffs. Musically not surprising for this genre, but I cannot imagine, that I heard any guitar on his demo recordings. Tracks like 'My Own God', 'Phantom' or 'Knee Deep' are rather more representing the usual course, while 'FU' (Yes, the 'magically' two words 'F... You'), or 'Diseased' are raging wild with this Metal guitar support. 'Mixed Feelings' rather surprises with a more melodic design, also the vocals (... is there a prominent guest singer at work...?) got contrary performed between abrasive and natural sounding. Another tune, which breaks out of this music formula has to be named with the dark, piano-driven tune 'Sacramentum', a sad, rather Goth-like instrumental ballad, which you wouldn't normally expect from a band-project out of this genre. 'Play The Game' seems to one of the main tracks for this album and leads Mr. ISK back on the straight course. This tune got additionally remixed by TWILLIGHT FREAKSHOW and accomplishes this album. 'In Terrorem doesn't re-invent the wheel, as this wasn't to expect. But it is an entertaining produced album, which balances musically somewhere between the last CEDIGEST album and ISK's country-mates E.S.C. ' not the worst references, don't you think?

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