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Artist: PAS (Post Abortion Stress from the Viewpoint of the Fetus) (@)
Title: Pure Energy Output Sessions
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
I had also reviewed a DVD that PAS sent along with this disc, but these two were my first exposure to the band. This is a weird mix of woodwinds, synths, treated guitar and other assorted weird sounds. That said, it all hangs together rather well. This is improvisation, not randomness. Several of the tracks are about a minute long with the shortest at 58 seconds and the longest weighing in at 7:05. With 17 tracks, there is a considerable amount of variety here making it hard to sum up in a review. Some of the comparisons I can come up with are Hafler Trio's 'Bang! An Open Letter,' or Zoviet France's 'Loh Land.' It's interesting, but not all of it is as engaging as it could be - I did not find it to have the 'pure energy' the title promised. For me, one of the standout tracks is 'Piano Music for Volcano Eruption,' which incorporates odd electronic sounds into a nice piano melody. Overall, if you are looking for some interesting improvisation that never completely disintegrates into noise, this might be one to check out.

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