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Artist: PAS (Post Abortion Stress from the Viewpoint of the Fetus) (@)
Title: Experimental Audio/Video Compositions Volume 1
Format: DVD
Label: self-released
I must admit that this reminded me of my undergraduate days in video production. I videotaped everything and would create random compositions set to my own ambient/field recordings. Sometimes they made sense and sometimes they didn't. In this case, the music is pretty good, although the video itself is not. I watched the whole thing, but I have to admit that I began to lose interest about 10 minutes in. Among musicians there seems to be a deep seated need to create visuals for our music. Yet these videos almost never work out. If you want a particularly good example of this, check out Sam Rosenthal's (Black Tape for a Blue Girl) video compositions. If you want to have something similar in your own collection, go out with a group of your friends and videotape things (walking through a forest, stepping on eggs on a sidewalk, playing a miniature xylophone are some examples from this video) and add some overlays and effects for good measure and make your own video. Chain DLK: We watch it so you don't have to! 'Various Levels of Consciousness' has some good drawing though and it gets a bit better toward the end. On the other hand, the live videos are fine and they seem to put on a decent, if subdued live performance. So this is a mixed bag. It's always nice to see a live performance, but I would still suggest simply getting a copy of their album. However, if the other albums are out of print (it's hard to tell on the myspace page) this may be worth getting for some of the music.

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