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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Voices from the Underground
Format: CD
Label: Creative Commons
Rated: *****
This is always a great feeling to find a new, still anonymous artist which has a fresh sound and something meaningful to say. This is an even better feeling to help such an artist to reach out to potential listeners. For this reason I take pride in introducing this compilation to the readers of ChainDLK. This album was produced by the common efforts of Promofabrik and Most of the artist are absolute newcomers yet they have provided great material for the album.
Alpha Point opens the album with 'I like the Angels'; a high quality electro track bearing serious potential for darker clubs. A catchy, emotional refrain, clear male vocals have already made me rocking my torso sitting on my chair. Degrees have got a rather alternative rock sounding composition. A rather optimistic and romantic sounded number of a sort you could expect to find on the 'Twilight' OST. Reactor7x ' has got some heavy EBM beats. The musical arrangement is weaker than I'd wished, but I know a whole bunch of younger cybers who will dig it for sure. Aeon Sable, on contrary, is very old school. A darker, gloomier, more atmospheric kind of gothic song. I found it very enjoyable. Perhaps not the best for a jolly birthday party but very good to enjoy alone. The Wars have got some serious alternative kick ass attitude and the vocalist's manner reminds of the early David Bowie. Teardown have got another electro track to dance to. Smoke Fish contributed a strange entitled song 'Cigarettes & Family' with a stoner rock attitude. Mezzamo is a band I wish to hear more from. The front lady has certainly some talent. Something of Switchblade Symphony is certainly to be spotted in her voice. Pontifex are probably no fans of the pope, no matter what is band name. They have got more with Die Ãrzte, a German cult punk band, than with the German guy on the Vaticans throne. Mundtot is perhaps the only band on the compilation that has released their own CDs before. Switchface has a good track to round the album up. It is instrumental, thoughtful, but not boring.
There are more diamonds, or at least pearls in the underground than most people assume. Give those artist some attention instead of applauding bands who have proven their talent, yet have their best releases years in the past.

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