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Title: Ball O' String
Format: 7"
Label: Superglider (@)
Really intimistic and touching "Ball O' String" is the first band's single. Everything about this single is particular: the atmosphere, the hand painted cover of each of the 500 copies and first of all you'll notice a sense of unbeatable melancholy while listening. Sancho Panza is a new project of Paul Hanford from Brother In Sound and it's like a collective featuring also Russel Kemp and Matt Shaw. Even if vocals recalled me Psychedelic Furs the music hasn't goth nothing to do with that band. "Ball O' String" is a calm song with a beautiful melody but it's in the background that weidness is taking form as you can find: samples of various nature, a trumpet, a chorus that made me think of the 60's lounge records and so on. "Nuts In May" instead is like an acoustic field recording where you've got to switch the sounds soming from mother nature with guitars and echoed light noises (it may be a treated snare drum). I'll try to explain the thing the best way I can: listening to this song I had the sensation that it wasn't exactly a song (even if it's structured like a song and it has got vocal parts and some improvisations), it was like the natural sound I had to listen while looking to the single's painting of the cover. It was like being in a different space/time. Senses go, you loose your attention and you let it flow...

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