Music Reviews

Title: Maniac series n.1
Format: CD
Label: Butcher's House (@)
34 minutes of power-electronics hysteria from the deranged mind behind Butcher's House productions and Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte. After a split cd with the above mentioned MMM comes this incredible cdr which immediately reveals him as one of the best Italian noise acts (ok, not that there are too many!). Overdriven synth patterns, waves of white noise, disturbing manipulated vocals... you know the deal, but Cronaca Nera has a truly malicious sound, in your face and really fucking violent! Cross Slogun and Atrax Morgue and you get close to the point. You can guess the lyrical content: bizarre sexual tastes, serial killers, yep, sex & death. I honestly find this much better than MMM's "Profilo ottimale delle ferite" cd on Old Europa Cafè; okay, MMM is more varied and has that sick humour, besides offering a great live set, but this material is just so much stronger, especially sound-wise... The "Maniac series" was a hoax, but I definitely hope to hear more.

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