Music Reviews

Artist: Moon.74 (@)
Title: Newborn
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****

When I firstly saw the cover artwork of Moon.74's Newborn, I supposed Echozone issued his first hip hop release of his catalogue or some kind of mixture of jumping beats with Celtic folk as suggested by the Celtic motifs of the cross printed on it, but as I pressed on play it was clear the different tenor of this album, the first one by this Depeche Mode music buff, whose style is prominently influenced by the first acts of the notorious band, in particular by the one which could be easily categorized as synth-pop. Even Dominic Hein's (the real name of this one-man-band) threatening look and his bad countenance with a gestural character on the shots typical of someone begging or praying for attention can be deceptive: you could expect a rough rumbling voice, but Hein's one sounds almost emasculated with his gentle and massaging notes, maybe a little bit monotonous, but what could seems an attempt of emulating his singing idol gets ahead especially in the nuances of songs such as Strange Convention, Gun (without barrel!), Dirty Mind or Moonlanding and even from the lyrical viewpoint the level is above mediocrity, even if nothing but a post-romantic reprise of the favorite themes by Gore & C. close to the literal substance of a teeny love letter or an interminable SMS message with self-indulgent winks (We Are - the best song of the album in my opinion -, Into My Arms, Oblivion, Stalking Horse). The most evident limits of this issue could be justified by the fact Dominic has done everything by himself as synth parts sound not so elaborated and layered and melodic structures are too terse. Moreoever he should try to broaden his vocal range, but it could be not so correct pretending too much: it's a newborn by the way!

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