Music Reviews

Artist: CELLULOIDE (@)
Title: Hexagonal
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product (@)
Rated: *****
Three years after their latest album containing original songs (the album they released in 2008, "Naphtaline", had only covers), Celluloide are back with HEXAGONAL. The eleven songs of the new album are true to their style thanks to the use of analog synthesizer sounds, 8 bit bleeping sounds and thanks to the dreaming/melancholic voice of Darkleti. Packed into a deluxe 8 panels eco digipack, HEXAGONAL finds the trio dealing with solid melancholic pop songs in balance from synthpop and e.b.m. (many bass lines they used sound upbeat and fat). All the lyrics are in French language and they deal mainly with people's difficulties of bonding: like on "Fair du bruit, which means "Making noise", where he or she turns on the tv, the radio, opens all the windows to let the noise fill the place of a loss. Sounding well produced, elegant, full of nice melodies, sounds and rhythmic lines, HEXAGONAL is a good album that will satisfy the lovers of minimal pop as well as people fond of early 80s e.b.m.

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