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Artist: Versus (@)
Title: Different Twilight Places
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
Versus is a synth-pop/EBM German band coming from the electronic music-contaminated area of Dresden active since more than 9 years, which gained some notoriety after they won the bronze medal at 2004 edition of the Europe-englarged band contest "Battle of the Bands" through Re:start, a well-forged "discoid" EBM song enfilled with computer terminology included in the 15-tracks (plus a prologue) list of Different Twilight Places, a sort of concept album based on the idea of the journey...a very special one according to the passengers which decided its itinerary starting obviously from Monestirea, a track named from the village they come from, a place crowded by shuddering freezing android, a song full of digs to false morality, polluting small peripheral villages of rich countries, which are blind to distant facts which seemingly don't produce any effects on the internal balance of the community (they sing "Don't close your eyes fromdistant things: they will catch you faster as you can think/[..]/no one cares about another one/everyone has to die someday/.../everyone is cold inside")...a relevant remark as if you don't understand the starting point, the subsequent stages could appear not so meaningful...don't expect anything particularly revolutionary from the stylistical or musical viewpoint! The hard-driven beats spread out by this German lads are quite conventional, even if the official info-sheets about this release indulgently qualify themmas a "muscially most diverse band". By the way, someone could trustfully be of the opposite opinion, as sometimes the style is so homogenous and poor in variations that they could induce some yawning in people looking for variations. Luckily the energetic slightly stomping facts and some meaningful lyrics as well as some nice tracks such as We Are Cloned (my favorite track as it looks like a sort of controversial act of honesty by the band when André Steinigen, the voice as well as the lyricist, say "don't clone your idols../we are the clones of our creed"), the energetic Freequency, Drifting Away - featurinf Stefan Grossmann from Absurd Minds - and some little pearls of romance (Beautiful Like You, Travelling Home) help all those needies thirsting for beats. I have been even more puzzled by AG Akrobatik, the ghost track you could hear at the end of the album, which could be fitted for a Carharrt advert in my opinion, but looks out of keeping with the general mood of Different Twilight Places.

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