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Artist: goJA moon ROCKAH (@)
Title: Libido Cowboys
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
You could imagine the four members of goJA moon ROCKAH wandering about the kebab or weed-smelling and muddy narrow streets of some red district in Northern Europe wearing like cowboys with smoking guns acting as stand-ins for flabby cocks, animatedly chatting about new arrivals in sex shops or new flirtatious hookers after listening to the tile-track of their thirs albuym, Libido Cowboys, and the somewhat cartoonish story told in some of their songs mainly about lust, sex, unfullfilled love and so on, but maybe they're nothing but reporters of an artificial society whereas they observe and get inspiration from talent-scouts, crowding such places to look for a presumable new glamouresque music star or even a vote-sucker political candidate, a world inhabited by freaky creatures such Zombies on dope (!) showing off the brand new discovery of beuty treatment or a new glittering color for hair there's no real space for true feelings. The almost commonly accepted opinion which can be subsumed in the imperative principle "Sex sells" seems following the reversed movement of a burning cigarette and even if these German guys in their somewhat amusing 10 electro-pop songs try to entertain there's a sense of decadence coming out in many tracks (Erotik unser Eis, Geraldine or Tropische Liebe, whereas in a stereotyped tropical paradise there's still space for a love dream - "Es ist das Scheppern der Gedanken /Hier oben in den Baumen/Wo bunte Vogel wachsen/Und von der Liebe traumen" - which could disquiet any listener laughing after they depicted carnivorous pussies or similar stuff...). The neo of this album maybe stands, alas, in its not so original style: a part of some interesting arrangements partially reminding the primordial steps of ebm and hard disco and some electro-punk staining, I could say Libido Cowboys could stand as a funny act for foot tapping or for an hey-hey choir at stadiums and it doesn't really sound so sexy as lyrics could suggest. Maybe is it a purposeful choice?

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