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Nov 14 2010
Artist: Poratz
Title: Beat
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: electroton (@)
Distributor: electroton
Rated: *****
Here is another Electroton 3' mini-CD release from Poratz, a project by Patrizio Orsini based in Livorno, Italy. It's the second release for Poratz, but I haven't heard the first. This one is dedicated to Japanese Glitch music artist Aoki Takamasa, which after hearing this mini-album isn't so surprising.

'Beat' is a stripped-down spare affair where even the track titles ('Aoky,' 'Casiotone,' 'Turntable,' 'Drumma,' etc.) are minimal. The best thing about 'Beat' is the intricacy of the quirky little tinkertoy rhythms. It really is all about beatz in a minimal format on 'Beat,' although there is often a lot going on. There is plenty of repetition too, giving most of the pieces a miniaturized machine-like quality. It could just have easily been titled 'Music For Little Toy Robots'. Even what little melodic content there is sounds mechanized.

In spite of the repetition, there is a good amount of creativity and playfullness in the programming within the limited framework of the dry sample sound palette. Most of it sounds electronic, which is as it should be, but I think Poratz dropped the ball on the 'Drumma' track. Normal voice samples of 'and the beat keeps going on'¦breakout' no matter how they're sliced and diced, detracts from the electronic ambience in my opinion. Should have at least used a vocoder or ring modulation.

If you like minimal electronic music with emphasis mostly on rhythm, you should like this. There are only seven tracks, and they're all short (nothing over 4 minutes) so it's over before you know it. A slight entry, but it never suffers from excess or over-indulgence and has kind of a happy-tone. Nice change-of-page for those for those who may listen to too much of the dark and dreary.

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